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How We Help the Local Community

Our volunteers are dedicated and passionate about what we do. All our guests are treated with compassion, dignity, and understanding. We try and provide our guests with nutritious and healthy food, and this, in turn, can lead to helpful conversations about how to stay healthy. Manna Meals seeks to strengthen community ties and help provide common ground for friendships to be built on.

Would you Like to Volunteer?

We are a faith-based organisation and our team of volunteers is dedicated to serving others, seeking to do this in the way Jesus did. Sharing the Gospel is central to our activities, through the words we say and in our actions.


Without connection to Jesus, Manna Meals would not function – prayer is an essential link to the purpose behind all our efforts. We would really value your ongoing prayers: for guests in their journey with Jesus, for sufficient funds and volunteers and for the food we give out in different ways to bless those who receive it.

Meal Preparation

You don’t need a qualification or any catering experience to get involved in the kitchen; all you need is a willingness to be part of a team and you might learn some new skills along the way! We always have an appropriately qualified chef in the kitchen to ensure the kitchen is run properly.

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Host a Table

At our meal events, it is vital to have volunteers who are willing to look after guests as if they were in our own homes. This includes making conversation, serving drinks, bringing food to the tables and generally making guests feel at home.

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Serving Food

We serve the food from chafing dishes to ensure it’s as fresh and hot as possible – our servers are friendly and generous with the portions.

inviting Guests

So that as many people as possible have the opportunity to attend a meal if they want to, we have several volunteers who spend some time in the busy areas around our meal location to invite members of the public along. If you are confident and talkative, and enthusiastic this could be the volunteering opportunity for you


We have a donations table where we make various items available for guests to avail themselves of, if they wish to. These items include grocery bags with staple food items and some consumables such as toilet roll. We are often able to include donations from our local FoodBank and we also accept non-perishable food donations from our supporters. Alongside food items, we also make Christian literature of various types available for guests to take, including easy-to-read Bibles, children’s books and colouring. Financial donations are also very welcome. Please visit our Donation Page if you would like to find out how to do this.

Community Liaison

We are keen to partner with organisations and individuals who are capable and experienced in assisting members of the community to access services and advocate for them where necessary, to help them improve their quality of life. This may be organisations such as Christians Against Poverty, local women’s refuges, social clubs and health centres. Please get in touch if you would like to partner with us in this way.

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