About Us

What is Manna Meals?

We are a Christian charity that seeks to demonstrate the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ in various ways. We aim to meet physical, social and spiritual needs of those within local communities, using food as our main form of outreach.

Our Team

Meet our voluntary team of managers, cooks, delivery drivers and table hosts. The team is reliant on the dedication, time, efforts and enthusiasm of all its volunteers who give up a great deal of their time to serve others.

Enthusiastic Volunteers

Many of our volunteers are excited to share their personal stories of how Jesus has made a difference to them. The enthusiasm is evident in all areas of our work, from cooking in the kitchen to sitting and hosting a table of guests.


Manna Meals is primarily funded by monetary donations from individuals and without this vital support, we would not be able to function. Every donation makes a real difference, going towards items such as toilet rolls, bread, milk and other staple items in grocery bags, and enabling us to buy ingredients and consumable for the hot meals and Freezer Manna. We are able to claim Gift Aid on eligible donations. If you would like to help us in this way, please click here.

Freezer Manna

Freezer Manna is another arm of Manna Meals. We donate freezers to local churches and then regularly refill them with nutritious, freshly cooked, and then frozen, meals. This is an effective way of supporting others in their efforts to share the Gospel with those they come into contact with, using food as a tool.

The members of the church that receives the freezer are able to distribute the frozen meals to help those in need and to show Jesus’ love to others. We have been able to supply around 100 meals a year in this way.

Hope Mums

We work with a single mum’ group called Hope Mums, run by Hope Community Church in Hutton, Essex. We support them with a mixture of fresh cakes, grocery bags and hot two-course meals.

The vision for Hope Mums is to be a ‘One Stop Shop’ where local single mums can meet and have an opportunity for emotional, social, physical, educational, practical and spiritual needs to be met.

Looking to find out how you can help?